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Held on the 28th-29th June in Bedok Reservoir Park. I went down on the 29th, a beautiful Sunday morning, to shoot the semis and finals. The teams taking part comprise of tertiaries, corporates, international business communities, houses, clubs and associations. A modern dragon boat is usually 10-12m long. The most popular dragon boat set-up consists of 10 rows of seats for 20 paddlers sitting side-by-side, a drummer (caller) in the front and a steersman (sweep) in the back. The drummer controls the stroke pace and makes sure that all of the paddlers synchronize with each other while the steersman navigates the boat. The dragon head and tail are attached to the boat only for races.
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"Here we go.""Anything but last ok?""Everyone stays focused!"1 Stick2 SticksSynchronised Rowing 1Synchronised Rowing 2Dragon: "Hey! Why so glum?"To The Starting LineDrummer Lady In ControlSynchronised Rowing 3Powering DownReady For Action"Psst! Can we win?"SIM Dragon LadyReady For BattleManoeuvreing Into PositionPower Of The Stick 1Power Of The Stick 2The Formidable HP Team

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