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Date: Saturday, 28th February - 1st March
Venue: Tampines Mountain Biking Trail

This year's 100km MTB Marathon race came with a few surprises. First, there were more racing categories to last the whole day, catering for different skill levels and age groups. Next, the main 100km MTB Marathon was turned into a night race. Lastly, there were two mountain biking legends; David 'Tinker' Juarez and the 'Founding Father of Mountain Biking' - Gary Fisher!

Race Categories (in starting order):
  1. Dirty Duathlon Sprint
  2. Dirty Duathlon Full
  3. Speed Dual Trials
  4. Short Track (Open, Elite)
  5. Kids Race (C, D)
  6. Super D
  7. 100km Marathon Night Race

Unfortunately, last year's 'Pitter Patter' curse was back again. Due to fierce thunderstorm over the race site, the 100km Marathon Night Race was stopped at 8.45pm. Below was the result for those who had completed 6 laps.

100km Marathon Night Race Mens Solo
  1. #52 - Frederick Reyes Feliciano, PH (2:52:10)
  2. #6 - Eusebio Zaldua Quinones, PH (+01 sec)
  3. #2 - Nino Surban 'Philippine Team', PH (+1:32 min)
  4. #1 - Tinker Juarez 'Monavie Cannondale', US (+4:13 min)
  5. #4 - Lim Yew Meng 'T-Clan', MY (+9:02 min)
  6. #5 - Zamri Salleh 'Team Toshiba BikeLabz', MY (+16:51 min)
  7. #41 - Matthew Powell 'Team Ay Up Lighting', AU (+17:38 min)
  8. #21 - Lex Nederlof, NL (+26:16 min)
  9. #15 - Calvin Sim 'Chapter 2 Cycle', SG (+26:54 min)

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