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(Reviewed: 15/7/08, updated: 22/7/08)
On the 1st week of July, I received a call from a salesperson of one of my favourite photo retailers that the Kata T-214 Torso Pack had arrived in the store.

I had always wanted this bag for quite some time already to complement my Kata R-103 backback that I had bought more than a year ago from the former local distributor.

I had already took this bag out in the field twice; 1st time in Kranji War Memorial and the 2nd time in East Coast Park for the OSIM Singapore International Triathlon 2008. Read on ...

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Into-the-Light with Rumplestiltskin
Hi Jeff, thanks for sharing your T214 experience :)
Jeff House(non-registered)
I was looking for a better way to carry my camera equipment than my large camera bag. I had tried a regular camera backpack but after picking it up once when it was unzipped spilling my camera I started looking for something different. My back also was hurting so I choose the sling over the shoulder type.
I bought the KATA T-214 for mr Sony Alpha 300 with the standard 18-70mm lens along with a 70-300mm lens. I took off to Yosemite to test it out in both rain and snow. I liked the thick outside material as I like to climb over the granite and this protects both the camera and the bag. The inside has can be configured in a number of ways with the padded velcro dividers. After many trials I finally found a great way to configure it to get it out quickly. I attached the telephoto, placed it in the deepest part of the bag and put one divider under it to hold it up ready to grab. I then put the normal lens in the middle compartment. S when i was using the telephoto lens I put it back in the deepest part of the bag. When I was using the normal lens I would but it back in the middle
compartment, leaving the long lens in the deep area. I the put accessories in the smallest compartment. It worked out very well.
There is a front pocket which is expandable. I, like others, wish it were the entire length of the bag but it is still good for filters and cords. The full length pocket between the bag and the outside is useful for maps and thin cords. I put the weather cover there. There is a pocket on the outside which is good for batteries or other accessories. It is tight at the top. The weather cover came in handy. It did rain and snow and the cover afforded ample protection. Another use for it is as a kind of umbrella. I was taking pictures of a waterfall with my camera on a tripod. I wanted to keep the camera set so I just put the cover over the camera and top of the tripod as a type of cap. When I took a picture I took it off, then covered it again. Worked perfectly. I had on layered clothes which included a heavy jacket. I could lossen the strap and it fit fine. I would walk around with it on my back and easily bring it around to my front and use it.
I would recommend this to others.