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Date: Sunday, 22nd February, 2009
Venue: F1 Pit Building

With OCBC Bank as main title sponsor, this was Singapore's first mass participation cycling event on public roads. The route took participants through the streets and iconic landmarks of Singapore such as the National Stadium, the Singapore Flyer and the F1 Pit Building.

Different categories catered for every cyclist from beginner to professional:

  1. The Super Challenge 50km
  2. The Challenge 40km
  3. The Community Ride 20km
  4. Mighty Savers Kids Ride 5km
  5. Ladies Open Criterium
  6. Masters Criterium
  7. Mens Open Criterium
  8. Elite Criterium (65 Elite Riders)

Elite Criterium Results
  • David Pell, Australia (1st)
  • Ricardo Van der Velde, Netherlands (3rd)
  • Manan Anuar, Malaysia (9th)
  • Ho Jun Rong, Singapore (38th) - Bravo!

King of the Sprints - Alan Marangoni
Best Asian Rider - Manan Anuar

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