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Crab Spider (Male)Acisoma panorpoides, Trumpet Tail, dragonfly, dragonflies and damselflies of SingaporeHesperiidae, Hesperiinae, Potanthus omaha omaha, Lesser Dart, Butterfly, Butterflies and MothsAcrididae, Oxyinae, Oxya hyla intricata, grasshopperCommon Big-Jawed Spider, Tetragnatha mandibulata, SpiderLibellulidae, Tramea transmarina euryale, Saddlebag Glider, dragonfly, dragonflies and damselflies of SingaporeNymphalidae, Nymphalinae, Junonia orithya, Blue Pansy, Butterfly, Butterflies and MothsOrthoptera, Trigonopterygidae, Trigonopteryginae, Systella rafflesii, Leaflike grasshopperSalticidae, Jumping SpiderChlorocyphidae, Libellago lineata, Golden Gem, damselfly, dragonflies and damselflies of SingaporeVespidae, Polistes sp., Paper Wasp'Some peace & quiet at last!'Hover 2'Honey, what are all those people looking at!?!'Hover 4'This is just a teeny weeny snack.'Hover 6Large EyesArdeidae, Ardea cinerea, Grey Heron'Mummy! Ant ... ant!'

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