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Originally scheduled on the 7th June, it was postponed to 27th July due to heavy rain. I was there at Tampines Sunset Trails early in the morning to collect my media pass so that I could enter the competition area to shoot up-close. The organizers called this event the 'final battle' due to the fact that the venue would be closed soon after for the construction of a brand new track for the Singapore 2010 - First Youth Olympic Games. The greatest highlight of the day must surely be the 1st ever 360 Back Flip in a competition on a MTB by Tan Hong Chun in the MTB Box Jump Category. In the BMX Box Jump Category, all-time favourite Ng Chee Keong was injured while trying to perform the same trick on his BMX and had to bow out of the competition. I wished him a speedy recovery. [Sunset Jams 2007] or [Back to "Sports / Games"]
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