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This wakeboard and wakeskate competition was held on the 13th of September at the ski360degrees, Singapore's first cable-ski park in East Coast Lagoon.

Womens Wakeboard Advance FINALS
  1. Apassorn Akaraisayapor (Miki)
  2. Jaime Chan
  3. Rebecca Lek
Mens Wakeboard Advance FINALS
  1. Daniel Grant (Turtle)
  2. Seksun K (Nung)
  3. Max Christian
Wakeskate Open FINALS
  1. Damian Anwar (Didi)
  2. Daniel Grant (Turtle)
  3. Amorn K. (Jew)
Wakeboard Open FINALS
  1. Aye Tatsanai
  2. Damian Anwar (Didi)
  3. Alek Hanief (Jun)
Best Kicker Trick Contest
  1. Damian Anwar (Didi) – Blind Elephant
  2. Aye Tatsanai - Moby Dick 540
  3. Mark Griffen - Double S-Bend

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