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This was the 1st time that this prestigious event was held at the Marina Bay Floating Platform on the 11th-12th of October. Without a media pass, I had to put up with the tentages and gigantic pillars blocking my best view. On the 1st day, I caught some F3000 powerboats in action and I stayed late to catch the wakeboard rail jam.

  1. Philip Soven (USA) 78.00
  2. Nick Davies (GBR) 69.45
  3. Andrew Adkinson (USA) 68.23
  4. Jeff Weatherhall (NZL) 63.23
Pro Women FINAL
  1. Dallas Friday (USA) 65.00
  2. Shelby Kantar (USA) 44.91
  3. Raimi Merritt (USA) 41.13
  4. Denise DeHaan (NED) 32.03
Men's Wakeboard Rail Jam FINAL
  1. Nick Davies (GBR) 55.00
  2. Dean Smith (AUS) 53.00
  3. Kim Yong Il (KOR) 50.00

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